How to Give a Farmhouse Touch to Your Kitchen?

Farmhouse details in the kitchen have always been popular. Even in the contemporary kitchen, small details, stolen from farmhouse style add charm and personality.

Here are some tips to give a farmhouse touch to your home.

White cabinets

White painted cabinets is one of the signature features of a farmhouse kitchen. You can get your cabinets painted as it is an interesting DIY chore and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


This brings a huge difference to your home interiors. If you have darker color interiors, consider lightening up those. For farmhouse, you need to go light and brighten. Grey and beige are favorite colors for farmhouse style homes.

Copper Sinks

Kitchen copper sinks are another feature that brings the calmness and breeziness of farmhouse style kitchen. Get hammered copper sinks installed in your kitchen for a warm, traditional and elegant look. To achieve a cohesive look, pair copper elements with pendant lights.


Rugs are easy to revamp or replace. You only need to take out the older styles and patterns and replace them with a new one. For farmhouse style home, add a neutral rug. It will change instantly brighten your home interiors, and you will start getting farmhouse feel. You can get natural fiber and jute rugs anywhere at home – kitchen, living room, hallways.

Shaker style

The simplicity of shake style makes it very popular among farmhouse style home. You can get them in bright colors, like sunny yellow.

Freestanding furniture

Historic farmhouse kitchens do not include unified cabinets and counters. They liked to have freestanding pieces. They not only offer good storage but also give a key display space for collectibles.

Homespun art

Homespun art and accessories are other important features of farmhouse style home. A simple needlework accent can instantly add farmhouse charm to your kitchen. Basket and barn lights are other good resources to add fresh farm vibe.

You can also introduce folk art to your kitchen, like flag, rooster or any chic piece made by the creative person inside you.

A farm table

A rustic farm table is essential when you are renovating your kitchen in farmhouse style. Introduce a knotty, rustic farm table. For more authentic look, install a traditional candle chandelier above it.

Your home should be a reflection of your style. So, mix these features with your traditional or modern home.


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